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Electronic Learning Inc. (ELI) is a privately owned, research-based USA corporation. ELI was first incorporated in March 2004 as a result of acquisition and transfer of technology from Interactive Learning Systems, USA, a company that pioneered the world’s first, full size, 11 x 9 inch, education focused tablet, along with an educational system, as far back as May 2000. That was an era when no common man had heard of a tablet or an Electronic Learning system, least of all having seen one. The comprehensive educational system already had not only different apps but also interactive toys and games, aimed at sustaining learning in K-12 children.

Subsequently, ELI pioneered the development and delivery of proprietary, cost effective, education focused technology through what is popularly known today as eLearning (eLearning=Electronic Learning).

ELI endeavors to consistently research and develop futuristic electronic devices and state of the art, effective, efficient and sustainable Electronic Learning systems that are user friendly and provide the most enjoyable experience for all its end users (students, teachers, parents, administrators, regulatory authorities, etc.).

ELIs vision is to primarily change the status quo of the way education and training are being delivered, around the globe.

ELIs mission is to effectively replace the cumbersome education system with a state-of-the-art Electronic Learning education system thereby not only getting rid of the heavy book bags that the students struggle to carry but also improving the Students, Teachers, Parents, Publishers and All Stakeholders Economic Well-Being and Quality of Life.

The motivating factors behind developing the comprehensive technology were recognizing the urgent need to change the Status Quo of the way education is delivered, and the way students are taught. Identifying these two critical elements of the education process which ensure that learning takes place consistently, combined with the scientifically proven anatomical damages the heavy book bags cause, have been the key inspiring factors for the ELI promoters to develop a comprehensive, futuristic vision that completely revolutionizes the education system.

Presently, after years of research & development, ELI has world class, proprietary, cost effective products & electronic systems along with education focused technologies, developed into ready-to-market, comprehensive and unique educational systems.

Third party evaluation and studies have shown that the ELI system has no comparable substitutes, alternatives or parallels. The available solutions on a global level are only partially complementary offerings.


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Electronic Learning Inc. came into existence as a result of transfer of technology from Interactive Learning Systems, USA – a company that pioneered the world’s first, full size, 11 x 9 inch, education focused tablet, along with an educational system…

ELI is currently headed and managed by Jameel A. Shariff, the co-founder & current CEO. Jameel is a third generation serial entrepreneur and visionary, with advanced degrees from European and USA educational institutions Jameel’s qualifications

ELI’s objectives are aimed at assisting teachers to “teach”, students to “learn” and parents to monitor their kids “progress”. Additionally, ELI assist’s administrators to monitor student attendance and the amount of time dedicated by the students…